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Dear Children,

The Corona-Virus still does complicate things. You probably have already noticed all the changes: at school, at the supermarket and if you want to visit other people, for example your friends or grandma or grandpa - there seems to be new rules and regulations everywhere. Suddenly everyone is careful. 

That’s the same in jail! Perhaps you’ve already been angry that you weren’t able to visit mama or papa in jail because of Corona or if you were able to, perhaps it was a really strange visit.

One thing is clear, no-one wants to make you or your parents upset! The main purpose is to have no-one infected with the virus. That is important for all of us and you can help!

On this webpage we’ve answered a few key questions, perhaps one that you have already had in mind. We hope that it helps you to better understand everything.

Since the Corona-virus situation in Germany can change quickly, for example regarding the number of newly infected people in a certain region, it might lead to quick changes to the rules and regulations.

Whenever we find that the situation in the jails in Berlin have changed, we will update this webpage.

This text was last updated on may 17th, 2022. 


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