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Dear Children,

The Corona-Virus really does complicate things. You probably have already noticed all the changes: at school, at the supermarket and if you want to visit other people, for example your friends or grandma or grandpa - there seems to be new rules and regulations everywhere. Suddenly everyone is careful. 

That’s the same in jail! Perhaps you’ve already been angry that you weren’t able to visit mama or papa in jail because of Corona or if you were able to, perhaps it was a really strange visit.

One thing is clear, no-one wants to make you or your parents upset! The main purpose is to have no-one infected with the virus. That is important for all of us and you can help!

On this webpage we’ve answered a few key questions, perhaps one that you have already had in mind. We hope that it helps you to better understand everything.

Since the Corona-virus situation in Germany can change quickly, for example regarding the number of newly infected people in a certain region, it might lead to quick changes to the rules and regulations.

Whenever we find that the situation in the jails in Berlin have changed, we will update this webpage.

This text was last updated on July 1st, 2020. 


Why Corona is particularly dangerous in jail?

In jail many people live together in close proximity. If one person happens to be infected with the Corona-virus, it is easy to infect others. 

Some people who are in jail already have existing illnesses, for example heart problems. In such cases, Corona is especially dangerous. Someone who is not healthy to begin with, cannot fight off the virus as easily.

Can I visit Mama or Papa in jail?

People in jail are allowed to receive visitors again, but there are certain rules that have to be followed. 

Only one adult is allowed and overall fewer people should come. If its possible for your familiy, its better to bring only one child, but in exceptional cases you can be more.

All people who come to visit have to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. Often there will be a see through panel separating the people. One is not allowed to touch this panel.

Why are the current visitations in jail so odd?

The people who work in jail are concerned about the health of your mama or papa. They want to prevent the possibility that someone in jail contracts the illness and infects others. 

Infection of others is at the highest risk, when one is physically close. When you speak to one another or hug one another tiny spit particles can fly through the air and land on the other person. That is the way in which the virus enters the body of another.

In order for this not to happen, there are separation panels in jail and one is allowed to see the other only with a lot of distance.

Where can I read about the current rules and regulations in Mama´s or Papa´s jail?

The rules are not the same in every jail, all jails look differently. Depending on how the visitation rooms look, one can maintain either a good or poor distance between one another. Therefore, all jails have to arrange visitation regulations differently. 

On the internet pages you can read about the situation in each jail. 

What do the responsible do to prevent Mama or Papa from getting sick?

All rules and regulations are made to protect your mama or papa from Corona.

All staff who work in the jail and also the prisoners have to wash their hands often as well as disinfecting them (disinfection liquid cleans the hands better than soap).

All visitors are also asked if they are healthy and if they have had contact with sick people. That could be here in Berlin or even on holiday. It is very important that one only enters the jail when one feels completely healthy.

When people in jail get sick, whether it is with the Corona-virus or with something else, there are many people that will take care of them: for example doctors, nurses and caregivers. There is even an in-house hospital at the jail in which patients can be treated. There you can find the same set up to help sick people like outside of the jail. 

Who can I contact if I have still any questions?

If the adults close to you can’t answer all of your questions, you can contact these organizations: 


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